How to Enable 2-FA on Tor2door Market?

Tor2Door Market has taken care of its users, these are those who may not be very sure that their password is difficult to find, for those who do not want to take risks and want to protect their account using 2-FA based on PGP encryption technologies.

This is especially important for those users who sell on Tor2Door, activated 2-factor authentication is one of the mandatory requirements for this type of user.

Moreover, 2-FA is not only used to protect the login to the user account, but is also used to recover access to the account if you forgot your current password.

Here's how to enable 2-fa on Tor2Door Market:

Step - 1

Go to the Security Settings located at the URL - 5dephs4zxx6owawuncuvb4e4lqrdmpxhsqyyzexxj2ynfnmuwfaxemyd.onion/en/profile/edit/security

blog pic 1

Step - 2

On the Security Settings in the “Two-factor authentication” section, turn on the slider next to “Enable Two-Factor Authentication”, then paste your PGP Public Key into the input field > click on the “Update” button.

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Step - 3

If everything was done correctly, after the last action you will be redirected to the main page with a notification at the top that reads: “Two-Factor Authentication successfully updated”.

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Done! It really seemed a little strange to me that there is no verification for this key. This is due to the fact that in most other markets, after adding a Public PGP Key, you will receive a message that must be decrypted using the key you specified and confirm your action by transmitting the contents of the message to the market system. This is done in order to make sure that you have inserted the correct key and have access to it. However, there is no such check on Tor2Door Market.

It really makes the whole process faster and easier. However, if the user inserts the wrong key and logs out, he will have to recovery Tor2Door account using a “Mnemonic Code”.

We also have a detailed step-by-step guide on How to Recover an Account Using Mnemonic Code on Tor2Door Market