FAQ - Tor2Door Market

Tor2Door Marketplace is an online ad platform that brings people together to buy, sell or exchange products and services. Products are classified into categories such as Drugs, Digital Products, Fraud, Software and Hosting, Counterfeit Items, Jewels and Gold, Services and Other Illegal Products or Services.

As of 2023, it is one of the leading trading platforms in the darknet. Tor2Door is visited by tens of millions of users around the world every month.

No, Tor2Door Market does not use Java Script elements in its code base, taking care of its opsec and its users.

Yes, interaction with Tor2Door Marketplace is impossible without a user account.

Yes, Tor2Door took care of its users by equipping the profile with the Two Factor Authentication function available to any type of user.

Yes, Tor2Door Market is based on escrow and does not provide an opportunity to conduct P2P transactions, if you were looking for a P2P market, then Tor2Door is not what you are looking for.

Yes, the Direct Payment function is available on Tor2Door Market and allows you to make purchases of products without a pre-deposit your account wallet.

Yes, there is such a payment method on Tor2Door, moreover, the 2/3 MultiSignature is the main function of this market and an advertising slogan that makes it clear that they do not intend to exit scam.

Unfortunately or fortunately for someone, such restrictions exist, but the amounts are too small to cause harm to anyone.

Limits for deposits: Bitcoin (0.00005 BTC), Monero (0.002 XMR).

Minimum withdrawal amount: Bitcoin (0.00042023 BTC), Monero (0.06282344 XMR).

Tor2Door Market requests 1 confirmation for a deposit transaction to top up the balance.

Yes, it is possible, if you have experience working with vendor in other darknet markets and facts confirming this, you will receive vendor bond completely free of charge, if you are just starting out, you will need to pay a fee of $500.

The prices for Bitcoin withdrawal are as follows: 2,47 - 7,4 USD

The prices for Monero withdrawal are as follows: ONLY - 0,32 USD

Absolutely yes! Tor2Door ranks vendos by their level depending on various factors, and also does the same with respect to products and feedbacks.

Yes, Tor2Door Market rewards those who can find any errors on the site. They must be reported to the Tor2Door support service.