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Tor2Door Market URL provides a safe and secure buying experience and can only be accessed using the Tor Browser.
This is free to download and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

You are reading the first honest review of the Tor2Door Market, in which the positive and negative sides of this market will be shown in simple language.

Despite the fact that this review is someone's private opinion, for the sake of reference, we will leave a Tor2Door Market Link & URL so that everyone can get their experience and appreciate this review and criticize it if desired.

This review will primarily be of interest to experienced users and refugees from AlphaBay Market, World Market, Dark0de Market, ToRReZ Market, DarkFox Market and others, this review may put an end to your search for an alternative market to those you preferred in the past.

If you are a beginner and you have no experience interacting with the darknet markets, then pay attention to our step-by-step guides in the “Blogs” section, each guide is written for unskilled users and will be easily digestible.

It Is Important To Note: We do not support or encourage buying or selling on the darknet. The products you buy & sell may be illegal or morally unacceptable. We have not verified the legality, legality or authenticity of the products being bought or sold.

*This review is purely for educational and research purposes.
We haven’t verified the legitimacy of the vendors on the marketplace.
Any action, both legal and financial, and all losses arising from this review, of any kind, are 100% your own responsibility.

Tor2Door Market – Primary Features

Before you commit yourself to this Tor2Door Market review, here’s a glimpse of the marketplace in general:

Tor2Door Market
Launch Date
17th August 2020
Number of Listings
Active Vendors
Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR)
Commission Fee
Withdrawal Fee
Bitcoin (2,47 - 7,4 USD), Monero (0,32 USD)
Vendor Fee
500 USD
2-Fa, Pin-Code, Login Phrase, Mnemonic Code
Standard, Direct Pay, Multisig 2/3
Market Forum
Only Sub-Dread

Alternative Links

Security Tips Before Accessing Tor2Door Market:

It would be naive to believe that standard anonymization measures on the TOR network will contribute to hiding your activities in the vastness of this network, in order to avoid unnecessary risk, read our tips on how to protect yourself on the darknet.

image 1

Download Nord VPN and connect to its “Onion over TOR” servers. This is an additional layer of protection developed exclusively for the TOR network.

Go to the TOR Browser settings and change the security level from “Standard” to “Safer” or “Safest”.

Make sure that no other applications/programs are running on your OS when you are connected to the TOR network.These steps and tools will allow you to be sure of 100% anonymity in your surfing on the dark web and in particular on the Tor2Door Market.

These steps and tools will allow you to be sure of 100% anonymity in your surfing on the dark web and in particular on the Tor2Door Market.

Is it easy to solve a captcha on Tor2Door Market?

No matter how strange it may seem to you, we will begin the answer to this question not with a review of the captcha, but with a note of the fact that Tor2Door Market does not have a frontal captcha for a ddos filter, for example, EndGame or any proprietary solution.

A good solution for greeting users who do not need to strain to get a pass to the authorization page.

The first captcha that you will encounter on Tor2Door is a captcha in image format, on which six characters (latin letters/numbers) are placed in a chaotic order, the solution is quite simple, you just need to duplicate the characters in the picture in the required field to solve the captcha.

image 2

The second captcha will meet you on its own if you are too active in the opinion of the Tor2Door system and this captcha is Endgame 3.0 it is presented in the form of a dial with pointers of the exact time (hour/minute), which you need to specify in the lower field to solve this captcha.

image 3

I am absolutely sure that such a captcha format for many can be recognized as classic and very familiar, Tor2Door Market is well done for choosing this particular captcha format, because it is really easy for a user with any level of Internet surfing experience to solve it.

Our captcha score on Tor2Door Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

Is it easy to register an account on Tor2Door Market?

To begin with, we will study the registration form on Tor2Door Market and compare it with other markets to give an accurate answer to this question.

Like any registration format faced by the vast majority, it has clear input fields and a captcha to prevent flooding or any form of abuse.

To register, you need to fill in a total of 8 input fields, two of which are paired (refer to the same thing) and a field for solving a captcha.

image 4

Let's list each input field and leave small comments on each of them:

- Display Name: (Please note that the value of this field will be your public alias on Tor2Door Market).

- Username: (The value in this field should preferably differ from the value in the display name field and be used as login during authorization).

- Password: (It would be preferable to use all characters for the value of this field: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Symbols).

- Confirm Password: (Duplicate the value you specified in password in this input field).

- PIN: (The value of this field should be a set of 6-10 digits preferably using complex combinations).

- Confirm PIN: (Duplicate the value you specified in PIN in this input field).

- Captcha: (Specify in the value of this field the 6 characters shown in the captcha picture).

This format of registration may very well be familiar to AlphaBay Market users due to the strong similarity in the registration fields.

In general, we consider this registration format to be simple and classic, it will be understandable to most and will not cause difficulties.

Our registration score on Tor2Door Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

What does the user interface look like on Tor2Door Market?

Tor2Door Market has the characteristic features of the Eckmar 1.0 user interface, but denies any use of its parts in the source code of the site and states that it was created from scratch.

We will not refute this or agree with their statement, we will only examine the user interface and evaluate it according to its advantages and disadvantages.

Let's start by classifying the Tor2Door Market user interface as traditional for darknet markets, which means that it has a great similarity with any other interface of its competitors and predecessors.

Navigation through the main sections of the market is located on the top-bar, these are the sections: Become a Vendor, Orders, Help (FAQ, Tickets, The Ultimate Buyer's Guide and The Ultimate Vendor's Guide), Messages (New Message, Inbox, Outbox), Wallet (BTC Wallet, XMR Wallet, Exchange, Transactions), Notifications (In the form of a bell icon) and Profile Interaction Panel (Panel, View Profile, Edit Profile and Logout Button).

The area just below the top panel is reserved for the Search Bar and the “My Cart” (Shopping Cart) button, the space below defined as the central one, is reserved for displaying a list of featured products and the latest products with the ability to view them all using the “View All” button.

image 5

Tor2Door Market continues the tradition that has developed since the days of Silk Road by defining a place for Categories for Listings on the left sidebar.

image 6

Also under the left sidebar there are sections such as: Exchange Rates (Allows you to view the BTC/XMR exchange rate for 11 major world fiat currencies), Top Sellers (The list of the most honorable sellers selected based on their number of sales, the level of trust formed by the total score of user reviews about the seller) and Latest News (A list of the latest news from Tor2Door Market with the ability to view them all by clicking on the View More button).

image 7

For the footer, for the most part, space was allocated for secondary sections and links to third-party sites, we are talking about such sections and sites as: Refferal (Quick access to the page with referral data), Canary (The page dedicated to getting information about the activity status of Tor2Door employees), PGP Key (Allows you to go to the page where all the PGP keys related to Tor2Door Market and their staff are listed), FAQ (Answers to the most frequently asked questions in any way related to Tor2Door), Tape (Link to the Tape News website), Dread (Link to the Tor2Door Market Sub-Dread community on Dread Forum) and Darknetlive (Link to the most famous news portal about darknet).

Footer also has a very interesting function that, however, I have not met almost anywhere, namely the function of translating the site into 3 languages such as: English (Standard Language), Deutsche (German) and Español (Spanish).

image 8

Having described the user interface of Tor2Door Market in detail, we actually answered the question asked, but we will also add a comment with our opinion about who might like this design and perhaps the one who is reading this right now will be just such a person.

If you prefer markets with a layout like Silk Road or the old AlphaBay Market, then it will obviously be familiar and will most likely sink into your soul and you will appreciate it, if you preferred Dark0de Market or for example, Versus Market, then it will most likely be not quite familiar to you and perhaps you will be disappointed in this the user interface.

Our user interface score on Tor2Door Market is 9 points out of 10 possible.

What security features are available on Tor2Door Market?

In the shadow business, the issue of security, situation control and anonymity has always been on the agenda, in the recent past, the CIA gave the world the concept of the Tor network and it shocked and surprised everyone, in today's realities, when people are faced with the sad experience of arrests of notorious darknet market administrators or ordinary sellers, they want more security, a better level of anonymity and to make sure that they are under reliable protection, let's see what Tor2Door Market can offer us for our protection:

- Login Phrase: during the registration process, you will be asked to enter a login phrase. This phrase is displayed on the dashboard every time you log in. This ensures that you will never become a victim of “phishing websites” because phishing websites will not be able to display this code, hence warning you that you are not at the URL that leads you to the real Tor2Door Market website.

- Mnemonic Codes: after registering an account, it is assigned a mnemonic code, which is a long string of characters resembling randomly scattered letters and numbers. This is a code that can be used to restore your account in case you forget your password or lose your account. Given how “long” this code is, it is expected that it will be written down on paper and stored in a safe place, and there is no way to recover this code after it is lost, which provides us with unbreakable security.

- 6-10 Digit Code: when filling out the form for registering an account in the Tor2Door Market system, you will be asked to specify a 6-10-digit code that acts as an additional level of protection to confirm your actions in the market, for example, such as withdrawing funds from your wallet, placing an order and confirming changes to some parts of your profile.

2-Factor Authentication: one of the most recognized and respected account protection functions from third-party intrusions, works on the basis of PGP encryption technologies, you are shown the text that you need to decrypt using the Public PGP Key (certificate) that you specified in your account profiles to log in after enabling 2-FA.

PGP Encrypted Messages: a feature that allows you to encrypt your messages in such a way that no third party can intercept the message and decrypt its contents. Tor2Door not only recommends PGP encryption, but also provides an automatic online checkbox that can be set to encrypt messages.

2/3 MultiSignature Transactions: you have the opportunity to use their 2 of 3 transactions with multiple signatures, in which the keys are distributed between three parties (vendor, buyer and marketplace), and the transaction can only be transferred if at least 2 parties agree to it. This ensures that exit scam is not possible.

- Standard and Full Escrow: standard escrow guarantees that funds will not be transferred to the vendor until the transaction is confirmed, this is the opposite of Finalize Early, and while FE is useful and fast, standard escrow is much more secure.

It is difficult to find any missing security elements, for example, TOTPs could not be part of the Tor2Door Market system because they already have another solution for 2-Factor Authentication and such functions simply will not be able to fit into their system correctly.

Let's move on to evaluating all available security features on Tor2Door Market.

Our security features score on Tor2Door Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

What search filters are there in the search engine on Tor2Door Market?

This is one of the most important aspects of any darknet markets, and we hope that after compiling a list and viewing all the search filters on Tor2Door Market, we will rate their search engine a high score.

Here are all the search filters with comments on how they can be used or what they are intended for:

image 9

- Type: such a search filter allows you to sort the search results by showing you the products of the type that you specified in this filter, these are “Digital” or “Physical” products.

- Price: with this search filter, you can create a price range for which the search will be carried out, the price is indicated in the input fields “From” and “To”.

- Category: select any product category in this search filter and the search engine will carry out its search only within the category you have selected.

- Payment: each seller has his own preferences, which payment method should be used to place an order for his products, but you also have the right to choose the type of payment that you want to use to pay for the order from three available ones: “Escrow”, “Finalize Early” or “Multisig”.

- Ships from With: this filter, you can select the country from which you want the products you ordered to be delivered to you.

- Ships to With: this filter, you can select the country to which you want the product you are looking for to be delivered.

- Last active time: if you want to deal only with active vendors, then this filter will help you choose an acceptable date for the last activity of vendors whose list of products will be searched.

- Accepted Currency: there are sellers who are categorically limited to only one cryptocurrency on the Tor2Door Market, and this search filter has provided for this and will allow you to choose one currency from “BTC” or “XMR” available for payment.

The search engine on Tor2Door Market is actually rich in search filters, of which I can't find any superfluous ones, we believe that such a search engine in the hands of a person who knows what to look for will serve him well.

Our search engine score on Tor2Door Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

What categories of products are there and how many products are there on Tor2Door Market?

I'm pretty sure you know what to expect here. If something is illegal, it can probably be found here.

The total number of ads on the Tor2Door Market is already more than 31,000 listings, which is quite an impressive number that characterizes the size of this market.

I've developed something that will tell you how much of a specific product is available on Tor2Door Market in each category:

image 10

- Drugs & Chemicals: in this category, 20,256 listings are sorted by sub-categories related to certain types of narcotic substances, namely: Benzos, Cannabis & Hash, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Stimulants, Opioids, Prescriptions, Psychedelics and Others.

These subcategories will be enough for the vast majority of buyers, if you are looking for some very rare or valuable substance, it is advisable to use a search engine, since the probability that you will be able to find a suitable category for it may be extremely small.

- Fraud: this category is intended for carders and hackers with 3,375 listings sorted by sub-categories: Accounts & Bank Drops, CVV & Cards, Personal Infos and Others.

Due to the negligence of some people, their personal data associated with bank accounts and bank cards leak into the network and fall into the hands of malicious fraudsters who do not disdain to sell them to anyone at affordable prices.

- Digital Products: the second largest category, which has 5,919 listings sorted by sub-categories that are very familiar to everyone: Guides & Tutorials, Erotica, E-Books, Software and Accounts.

Almost everything that can come to your mind from digital goods can be found in this category, it is impossible to find only what is prohibited by the global rules of Tor2Door Market, most likely due to ethical considerations.

- Software & Hosting: this category is for those who want to find new anonymization systems and some hacking tricks, exactly 519 listings are sorted by sub-categories, these sub-categories are: Software & Malware, Hosting, VPN, SOCKS and Others.

- Counterfeit Items: this category sorts very diverse and dissimilar products by their type and purpose in the amount of 315 listings in sub-categories: Clothing, Electronics, Jewelry, IDs/DLs, Fake Passports, Other Items.

If you want to buy a new bag from LV, the newest Iphone, perhaps some jewelry for yourself and your girlfriend, all this can be found in these subcategories, but most likely, most of the listings there are services for creating fake passports and identity cards.

- Jewels & Gold: in this category, the smallest number of listings is only 18 units sorted by sub-categories: Gold, Silver and Others.

Perhaps some of you need gold bars, various precious stones or a few grams of pure silver, all this can be found in these sub-categories.

- Services: there are 271 listings in this category with very useful services sorted by subcategories: Carding and Others.

If you do not have any criminal skills, for example, you do not know how to hack accounts, successfully withdraw money from someone else's bank card or conduct a DDoS attack on the target you need, this will not be a problem for you and you will find performers of all these services in these sub-categories.

- Others: this category sorts 326 listings related to any products of any type that cannot be assigned to any other category on the Tor2Door Market.

To sum up, the Tor2Door Market will satisfy most of your needs, the number of products is large, and the categories are selected in accordance with the demand for those types of products that are most often purchased and are likely to interest you as well.

Our product categories score on Tor2Door Market is 9 points out of 10 possible.

What products are prohibited for sale on Tor2Door Market?

There is an unspoken code of honor for all darknet markets that claim to be reliable and recognized by the DNM community, which simply will not tolerate the fact that the products we list may be allowed to be sold in markets of this status.

In every market, there are plus or minus uniform rules regarding those products that none of them allow to be sold on their platform, Tor2Door is no exception, so let's take a look at their prohibitions:

The following products or services are strictly prohibited from Tor2Door Market - C-P, Pr0stituti0n, P0is0n, F3ntanyl, Murd3r services, Weap0ns, C0vid-19 vaccin3s and any C0vid-19 related material.

image 11

Without a doubt, there are other markets that allow the sale of such products or services. Tor2Door Market will never be such a market.

Our vendor rules score on Tor2Door Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted for payment on Tor2Door Market?

Tor2Door Market accepts only cryptocurrency exclusively due to the need to conduct the most anonymous transactions and thereby reduce the risks of arrests and any deplorable consequences.

Let's list the exact names of cryptocurrencies that Tor2Door accepts to replenish the account and pay for the order:

Bitcoin (BTC) - This currency is neither completely anonymous nor completely transparent.

Bitcoin privacy exists in a “gray zone” and ultimately depends on the user's skills to hide their transactions and the ability of a blockchain analyst to link them together.

Monero (XMR) - An anonymous open source cryptocurrency whose protocol implements a number of methods for anonymizing transactions: hidden addresses, ring confidential transactions.

In the Monero network, only the participants of transactions and those who will be provided with a special access key know the amount, the addresses of the sender and recipient.

The one unfortunate aspect of Tor2Door Market is that it’s not a wallet-less marketplace. In other words, it requires advance deposits to a centralized marketplace wallet.

This increases the risk that sooner or later your coins may be stolen at the most inopportune moment for you, for example, when they are in the escrow system or, possibly, during a market hack and so on.

In addition, there are minimum deposit requirements for each coin. For Bitcoin it is 0.00005 BTC, and for Monero it is 0.002 XMR. However, in the real world, these restrictions do not matter much. There is practically no product available, the cost of which would be less than the minimum required deposits.

Keep in mind also the minimum restrictions on the amount of funds withdrawal from your market wallet, we are talking about such amounts - for Bitcoin it is 0.00042023 BTC, for Monero it is 0.06282344 XMR fortunately for many it is a fairly low price.

Our accepted cryptocurrencies score on Tor2Door Market is 9 points out of 10 possible.

Is it easy to buy products at the Tor2Door Market?

Have you ever bought anything on the darknet markets, if so, this process is likely to be the same as the one that remained in your experience.

Each order on Tor2Door begins with the fact that you have to deposit an amount that is the value of the product & products that you want to order, this can be done in two available cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) or Monero (XMR) with one significant remark, there is such a possibility that the seller from whom you want to purchase the product does not accept any one of these cryptocurrencies, so make sure whether it accepts the cryptocurrency you have chosen or not, you will learn how to do this in the course of answering this question:

image 12

On the product page, before placing an order, you can view its images, read the description, customer reviews about it, check what types of payments are available, and there are only three of these and we will talk about them further.

image 13

Let's make it clear right away that the type of product you order will significantly affect what you provide as information and which delivery method will be available to you.

If this product is of the “Physical” type, then you do the following series of actions:

Select the quantity of the selected product you need by specifying it in the “Quantity” input field, this is the quantity that should not exceed the quantity displayed in the “in stock” field, I remind you that the larger the quantity of the product you selected, the more you will have to pay for it.

Select the shipping method in the “Shipping Option” by paying attention to the specified days during which the products are supposed to be delivered, and the price for this shipping method.

image 14

To proceed to the next stage of ordering, click on the “Add to Cart” button. After clicking, a notification with the following content will appear: Product successfully added to cart, with the blue text “Checkout” on which you need to click.

image 15

You have been transferred to the “Confirm Order” page, where the last series of actions will be performed, starting with familiarization with the “Cart Summary” table, where the total price for your order is indicated, make sure that you agree with it and want to continue.

Select the currency you want to pay in “Pay using” from BTC or XMR.

Enter the shipping address in the “Order Note” field or any other value that you think is required. If you want to encrypt this information using the PGP encryption function, check the box next to “Encrypt order note with seller's PGP key” - follow the instructions below.

Then enter your PIN code in the “PIN” and place the order by clicking on the “Confirm” button at the bottom of the page.

image 16

If you order a product of the “Digital” type, you do everything the same except for the possibility to choose a shipping method, since digital goods cannot be delivered as “Physical” for obvious reasons.

Do you think it's easy? We think that this is very easy and will be understandable to both a beginner and an experienced buyer in the darknet markets.

Our shopping score on Tor2Door Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

Is it possible to swap one crypto for another on Tor2Door Market?

Yes, and it's amazing. To be honest, this is only the third market out of several dozen that I have ever seen offering such a feature.

This is a simple mechanism that allows you to exchange BTC for XMR or XMR for BTC, as Tor2Door Market states, they do not use any third-party system APIs and control this whole process on their side.

image 17

The price of such a procedure is only 2% of the amount that you swapped moreover, this function allows buyers to increase their anonymity by depositing one cryptocurrency and withdrawing another.

Without any conventions, I highly appreciate this feature because it really is what can distinguish this market from any competitor currently.

Our swap functions score on Tor2Door Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

What restrictions apply to vendors in the Tor2Door Market?

Tor2Door Market is aimed at vendors who are willing to agree with their rules and this applies to both veterans and newcomers who need to pay a fee of $500 to get the right to sell.

We have listed some rules in the answers to previous questions, for example, about which products are prohibited for sale on Tor2Door, so we will skip this point and list the rest:

PGP-2FA is mandatory for all vendors.

Orders of digital products auto-finalizes in 48 hours whilst orders for physical products auto-finalizes in 14 days.

Dox is strictly prohibited.

image 18

That's all the rules for vendors, believe our experience, this list of rules is quite soft compared to the prohibitions of other markets, and we believe that the vast majority of vendors can accept these rules.

Our vendor rules score on Tor2Door Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

Tor2Door Market Review - Wrap up

So, if we select individual ratings for each of the Tor2Door Market functions discussed above, then on average they will easily amount to 9.8 points. We also pointed out problems wherever they existed.

In a nutshell, the product range is the largest marketing advantages of Tor2Door Market. Then the fact that it accepts only BTC and XMR, allows you to withdraw funds for a small fee and offers all acceptable security features, simply increases its creditworthiness.

Finally, we would just say that we have been watching Tor2Door Market since its inception. The market does seem to be making an effort to improve this user interface and features over time.

As our last words in this review of Tor2Door, we would say that at the moment it is quite reliable and will not go anywhere in the near future.

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